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Today, I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to both acknowledge and start with Tiffany, lol.

In this episode, Tiffany further proved that she’s not really a part of the group by not hiring Chenoa and Kiyah, her “friends” for her campaign.  Also, Brian “hurt her feelings” (her words, not mine) by sending inappropriate texts to other women.

Brian, my dude…  You’ve just moved in with Tif and you keep getting caught!  Any who, Kiyah encouraged her to work on her relationship and not abandon it.  From what we learned about Tiffany, she doesn’t stick around for the bull and I’d be ok if she dumps Brian.  He looks like a chicken nugget…

Bershan introduced us to her surrogate.  Bershan told everyone she was mixed which she is true but not with black, lol.  While I applaud her for choosing a PYT to carry her baby, she doesn’t seem too bright…

Carlyle annoyed Chenoa and us all by harassing Chenoa while she worked on the Girbaud campaign.  I’m glad she realized that she’s the priority since they’re separated.

The most entertaining storyline of the night was Kiyah’s.  She was sooo excited for Raz to visit from Russia.  Turns out, the purpose of his trip was to dump her.  Once arriving to Kiyah’s apartment, he was very sassy and demanded food and for her to shut up so her could get rest, lol.  Later he met the girls who like him for one good second.  Once they started grilling him, it was clear that Raz did not want to be a baby daddy and was moving back to Russia ASAP.  Nothing like being dumped in front of your friends and on national TV…  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Raz!

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