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Mango’s Premium Knot Linen-Blend Top $49.99

No seriously, I do.  I’ve sold and or donated most of my clothes and am lacking spring and summer clothing *insert violins here*  Any who, I’m hoping that rebuilding my spring/summer collection won’t take long nor be too expensive…

So far, my list includes florals, whites, and other bright colors.  I want pumps, wedges and sandals in black, nude, neon and even clear (or jelly).  I’m also in love with crop tops.  Not the belly crop tops but just like the picture to your right.

Where will I be shopping?  I’m actually going to start with thrift/consignment stores.  Then, I’m going to visit the usual suspects: H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Asos, BCBG, JCPenny, Target and Aldo.  With all those stores and the upcoming Memorial Day sales, I should find something, right?

My perfect price is 30 bucks.  Shoes, 30 bucks…SOLD! Tops, 30 bucks…SOLD! Jeans, 30 bucks….SOLD!

Although online shopping presents the most options, I’m really excited to shop next weekend when I travel to my home city (New Orleans).

Who wants to donate? 🙂

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