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By midday yesterday, I could tell I wasn’t going to be doing anything so I set my timer to watch Love in the City.

Guess we’ll get this party started with my favorite: Chenoa.  The scene opens with her meeting Caryle at his donut shop so she can get a glimpse of the space she’ll be designing.  Once Caryle arrived, he was very stank!  She feels something has changed but I think he was on his cycle…  Later in the episode we see Chenoa interview and offered a photography position at Girbaud.  Haven’t heard of that brand since 85′ but I’m glad they’re moving in a more creative direction…

Kiyah’s opening scene shows her teaching a weavalicious class.  Next, someone informs her that her sister has been blowing up her phone and as expected…she wanted nothing, lol.  Requesting family time is nothing someone should be blowing her phone up about.  This leads to Kiyah hitching a ride with  Bershan (and her two annoying pooches) to their hometown of DC. In typical family fashion, they get all in Kiyah’s business and talk about her lack of emotional healing regarding her mother’s death.  Later, Kiyah, her sister and aunt visit her mother’s grave where she’s able to say all the things she never got a chance to say.
Speaking of Bershan, she checks on her dad who has experienced health issues as a result of a car accident.  She pretty much annoyed him the whole time she was there, lol.  Old people are very stubborn and get agitated easily.

Welp that’s it until next week… Did I miss anyone???  No, I’m kidding.  In this episode we see Tiffany pick with her boyfriend about all the women he knows.  I wouldn’t be too fond with a guy who knows a ton of women but it seems like the issue is more within her…  We also meet Tiffany’s mom.  Apparently, they’ve had a rocky relationship due to her mother choosing men, alcohol and other vices over Tiffany.  Last but not least, Tiffany gets implants as a result of her double mastectomy.  I’ve picked on Tiffany since the beginning of this series but she is a strong cookie!

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