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Now that my doctoral coursework is completed *insert applause* I plan on indulging in Reality TV just like normal people.

So, I found out about this show around the second episode, did a quick Google search and decided it was something I wanted to give a try.  Well today, I watched all 3 episodes and I’m excited for the upcoming episodes. Unfortunately, it airs on Saturdays which means I won’t be seeing it until Sunday.  Who watches TV on Saturdays?  Eck!

About: “Big Cities are never easy to navigate, but these four fabulous women, Kiyah, Bershan, Chenoa, and Tiffany are taking NYC head on. Having known each other for over ten years, they are close enough to always keep it real. Through their laughter, romances, and life-altering struggles, they are learning that there is much more than just sex in the city. They dont always see eye-to-eye and spend a lot of time dealing with conflicts that arise between their big personalities. But underneath it all, they have an incredibly strong bond and always support each other as they deal with their own unique life challenges.”


So far, I feel like Kiyah is the ring leader and Tiffany doesn’t belong.  She just doesn’t appear to have a natural chemistry with the group…  Although we know about Berhsan’s Breast Cancer, I still feel like I don’t know.  Chenoa is my favorite and it’s probably because I relate to her in a few ways.  Side note: I really hope things work out between her and her husband because their love jumps off the screen.  I thought love was enough but we all know how men want to continue the bloodline or whatever…

Besides the dash of drama, I’m def watching to experience NYC through their lenses, for the fashion and to observe how uber successful women balance their lives (because I plan to be one).

Hopefully, I can make this into a weekly recap but don’t hold your breathes…y’all know I’m a flake!

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