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What I meant to say is Essie’s Good to Go Top Coat… Gather around kids, it’s time for another bitchfit.

“The fastest drying topcoat around! This unique, patented formula, found in top salons, penetrates through fresh polish to completely dry it – almost instantly! Provides a chip-resistant, non-yellowing, glossy finish for the perfect manicure.”


So…hmmm…  This top coat definitely has shine but about this rapid dry, um, I don’t know about all that.  I had to sit still for quite a while to prevent smudging.

I blame you guys.  Y’all have me trying all kinds of top coats knowing that I stand for Deborah Lippmann but I’m trying real hard not to be a brand whore 🙂

Side note: WTH does finition mean?  Is it French or something?

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