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DooBop’s Jodie & Benjamin

Pigs are flying, hell has frozen, and there is now an online shopping destination that mirrors ethnic diversity.  DOOBOP is about providing personalized solutions, superior service and expert advice to bring out the beauty in every woman.

The Approach

All of the products at DOOBOP are hand-picked just for you. Products are tested, discussed and tested some more to make sure everything offered is the best. Jodie, who’s also the creator of an upscale line of body products, knows first-hand how frustrating it is to be directed to the “ethnic” aisle in search of the right foundation or the perfect hair styling cream. And Benjamin, a French-born, former senior beauty-marketing executive, believes that all women should be able to click-to-buy in style. The result: beauty without struggle.


DOOBOP offers hair care, skin care, makeup, nail products and tutorial videos from brands that include but are not limited to Ahava, Caudalie, Comfort Zone, Leonor Greyl, PhytoSpecific, and RMS Beauty.

They even offer free shipping and 2 samples with every order!  Let me repeat, THEY OFFER FREE SHIPPING AND 2 SAMPLES WITH EVERY ORDER!  For more, visit DooBop!

One question: What the hell does DOOBOP stand for?  It’s clearly an acronym, right?  Like, I can type DOOBOP but I will not say it out loud!

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