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Sally Hansen

Well…I think I’m fully recovered from my DC trip, I think.  Any who, while chatting with the NYC ladies I met during my DC trip, we got on the subject of nails.  Of course, most women have the same complaints: their nail polishes never lasts.  We discussed a few tips and then I told them how much I loved Deborah Lippmann and how Essie and OPI were great alternatives.  This is when one of the ladies said she uses Sally Hansen.  At that moment, I realized that I’d become a “brand whore” *insert screams*

Luckily, I forgot to bring my top and base coats for my toes and decided to pick up Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base & Top Coat.  So, let me just hand out this disclaimer: I prefer all-in-one nail polishes.  For example, base and top coats, shine and quick dry all in one bottle!

About: “All-in-one patented strengthening base and top coat works double time…for double protection.  As a base coat, Double Duty moisturizes and hydrates nails with Panthenol.  As a top coat, Double Duty protects with Nylon.”


My sort of kind of review: I’m assuming this did exactly what it advertises because there was no shine and it took forever to dry.  Also, I noticed a smudge.  I haven’t had a smudged nail in a few years.  So…should you buy it?  Sure, if you’re not too anal about your nails like I am.  In Sally Hansen’s defense, there are a host of top and base coats you can choose from…

So…yeah…this retails between $4- $9 (depends on where you purchase it from).  Also, you can buy this any and everywhere.  Walk to your local gas station, I bet it’s there.  Drugstore, grocery store, Target, Walmart, Red Lobster… *shoulder shrug*

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