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Mulberry Dreams

A few weeks ago, I noticed a new store in Fondren (the cool and artsy part of Jackson) and vowed to head back.  Saturday, I got a chance to briefly walk through the store and chat with the owner’s mom.

Read more about the store and its owner here:  Model Ainsworth Opening Mulberry Dreams

I really wish I would’ve had the opportunity to snap some photos but my boyfriend was hungry so I was in a rush, lol.

Any who, the first items that caught my eye were the shoes.  They were really cute and I’ll probably go back for a pair.  The one’s I picked up retailed for 90 something bucks.  Now before you have a heart attack, this is a great price for boutique shoes but I digress.

Of course, there’s jewelry and clothing.  The vibe is very much laidback, comfortable with a dash of bohemian chic.

And, for you guys not located in the Jackson-metropolitan area (and the ones who will probably never travel to the Jackson-metro area), MD (can I call it this?) has something called social shopping:

To see some pics and do a little shopping, visit their Facebook.


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