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Tracee Ellis Ross

Hey guys, this past weekend I traveled to New Orleans to make a somewhat drastic hair change…I now have sister locks (but we’ll chat about that at a later date).  A week prior, I called my hair stylist frustrated with my hair.  I wanted a new look, less maintenance but healthier hair.

I could tell for a while now that my hair has been off.  Probably since September.  As a result, I turned to a faux milk braid and hats as my go to styles.  I hadn’t been to my stylist for almost a year and haven’t found a new one in Jackson.  Why?  Because I take my hair too seriously and I still feel like the natural hair scene is fairly new here.  Also, I don’t want to waste a day and a half in a hair salon from unprofessional stylists who double book but I digress.

While I was getting my sister locks installed, my hair stylist told me two surprising facts: cowashing and deep conditioning too frequently can damage your hair!  Hair needs to be cleaned and deep conditioning too much can weaken hair.  After being natural for several years, I never knew this.  Had I actually been damaging my hair (which is probably why I sensed it was a little off).  According to my stylist, I had a little breakage and split ends which makes me question if we’re capable of properly caring for our hair…

Sure, some people are good at caring for their hair but I think most of us may need to check in with a stylist every now and then.  I plan to visit mines every few months from now on.  Your thoughts???

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