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So…I just wanted to inform you guys of some good news!!!  I got a super duper promotion (effective today) which means there are a host of things that will have to change.

First, I still don’t know what I’m going to do with Pink Gumbeaux (the store).  I haven’t restocked in a while, I want to work with a new company (but have no time to find one), and our department of revenue has moved to an electronic system that has been pure hell for me!!!  I’m giving myself a couple of months to make a decision….

Secondly, I need to make more of an effort to write blog posts and outline ideas in advance.  I literally worked 10 + hours today but knew I had to let you guys know why I may not always be around…

Thirdly, gone are the days of me bitterly posting, lol.  I think I just got the career I desired so I just wanted to let you guys know that when people say “anything is possible,” it’s true.  Just consider this: I’m a 28-year old black woman, from a lower middle class background, who happened to reach a doctoral level of education (even though I was a shitty student most of my life), and has now landed a high-profile position. I’ve always known what I was capable of these things but I was waiting on everyone else to realize this, lol.

Side note:  I bet y’all want to know what my new job is… Happy Hunting, lol.

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