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Fairfax & King 3 Wick Bowl

Originally, this post was about a new candle and soap I bought but then I decided that I should tell you about the store I buy them from.

Chane is a local store (or collection of stores) that’s known for their snarky t-shirts, kicks (tennis shoes or whatever you call them, I don’t wear tennis), bikes and skateboards; however, there is a lady side of the store (Soma Wilai Store).  I’m not too much into their clothes, although, I buy a sweater or necklace every now and then…  Any who, I’ve said all of that to say…  The primary reason I shop there is to buy perfume, candles and soaps (yes, a completely different reason from most of the reasons people shop there), lol.

I really really love the brands of perfume, candles and soaps they carry but because the candles and soaps are so expensive (in my opinion), I only go a few times a year.  Nonetheless, I thought I’ll tell you about my recent purchases: Fairfax & King 3 Wick Bowl ($26) & Fairfax & King bar soap with Shea Butter ($15) both are in the scent of Persimmon & White Tea

Side note: I just love the packaging and the perfumes aren’t as expensive.  Shop, Soma Wilai Store!  And, read a little about Chane, here!


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