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While browsing Ulta looking for unnecessary products to buy, I strolled passed the nail polish section and noticed a new line: Dermelect.  Like I usually do, I snapped a picture so I could do research and post it.  Turns out Dermelect has a host of products that I’m not going to talk about because this post is about nail polish 🙂

This is not just nail polish, it’s “peptide infused color treatment” (which is the first of its kind).  Brief description:

  • strengthens weak, brittle nails
  • restores flexibility
  • helps resist chipping and splitting
  • superior extended wear
  • water and detergent resistant
  • UV protected
  • DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde free
  • cruelty free (no animal testing, ever!)

There is a more detailed description but I figured you guys wouldn’t want to read all that crap (that’s what I’m here for).  The nail polish retails for 14 bucks and there are a ton of places you can purchase it (but you’ll still be paying 14 bucks).  For reviews, to shop, and read about all their other products that I didn’t feel like blogging about, visit Dermelect!



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