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Ok, if you’re Yonced out, you may want to skip to tomorrow’s original post…(Still with me?) Well, sometime Friday morning, a little after midnight, a wave of hysteria hit all my social media outlets… Beyonce released an album and no one knew it was coming?!   No marketing? No teasers?   Nothing?  Like who the f**k does that? Freakin genius but then I had to log off Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr because it was just
overwhelming…  See, I don’t really stan for anyone so I went to bed, lol.

By Saturday morning, FEMA was on the scene and I was able to
gather more information like: it was a “visual album” (the album contains 14
songs with videos for each plus a bonus video for Grown Woman).  Further, there are a total of 32 tracks on this album…  After locating the album on iTunes and listening to the first few songs, I entered the zombie apocalypse. I became a stan (all hail Queen Bey).This album is. so. freakin. good.
What’s even better is her emergence as a feminist.  After listening, I felt so empowered, sexy, I
want to CHANGE THE WORLD but all of that has kind of subsided once I got to work this morning, lol.
Currently, my favorite songs are: Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z), Blow & Partition.  Retailing at
$15.99 (which is worth it), you can purchase this exclusively on iTunes.  Individual songs and a physical copy will be available later this month, although, I’m judging you if you still buy CDs…

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