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Hey guys, I hope you had an awesome break.  Mines was good until I got on the road to head back home… :/ Any who, I wanted to give you guys a brief recap of my week.

As with any holiday, I got a chance to hang with family and catch up with friends.  The best part of my trip was all the tasty food.  OMFG, I need to diet now until Christmas.  If you follow me on instagram or pay attention to the little instagram box below, you know what I’m talking about.

If you ever visit New Orleans, you have to eat at Café du Monde (for our famous beignets and café au lait), Ruby Slipper (which has the best brunch), Deanies (where I had shrimp stuffed with seafood stuffing), and you can go any where for Daiquiris.

Please note:  Unless you’ve had Daiquiris in Mexico, the next best place to drink one is in New Orleans.

Moving on to Black Friday or the lack thereof… After having brunch with friends, I headed to the French Quarters to check out the new H&M and to see what kind of deals Urban Outfitters had.

H&M is heavenly but the lines were demonic so I didn’t buy anything.  According to my research, our H&M is the first to feature home goods.  If you blink, you’ll miss it, lol.  It’s such a tiny section.  It’s wedged in the corner of the 2nd floor as if they said: “we have some room, let’s put some sheets and towels here!”










The Urban Outfitters line was also long so I made my way out of the Quarters and sat by the river for a while.  The weather was perfect and you could hear the subtle sound of jazz in the distance.











Overall, it was a perfect trip and I can’t wait to head back for Christmas!

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