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My Weekend Review: Mixed Chicks, Que Bella & Other Crap

Hey guys!  I haven’t done a weekend review in ages because weekend reviews often require me to actually do something outside of homework but I digress, lol.

Lets see, I saw two movies, tailgated, had brunch with friends and window shopped this weekend but you don’t want to hear about all that so let’s start with Mixed Chicks.  First, if you don’t know, I am a cowasher (I probably shampoo a few times a year).  Any who, I was able to use both their deep conditioner (REVIEW: MIXED CHICKS DEEP CONDITIONER) and Leave-in (MIXED CHICKS LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER).

As usual, I let the deep conditioner sit in my hair while I showered.  I also used that time to finger detangle than I rinsed.  I added two dime-sized drops of olive oil and added their deep conditioner.  Once out, my fingers slid through my hair.  My hair just felt so moisturized, defined and no tangles!  I passed a rat tail comb through it and like I said, it just slid right through!  That was Saturday, today is Monday and I still don’t feel the need to add any moisturizer.  I probably will tonight.  I say all that to say that I’m officially transitioning to Mixed Chicks products!

Now to Que Bella’s Peel-Off Masks.  I bought this a week or so ago but was able to finally use it Saturday.

About Que Bella

“Based in the English county of Lancashire, we are surrounded by nature and take this as inspiration to use natural ingredients with inherent properties which naturally condition your skin and hair.

Our aim is to take the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and turn them into wonderful body-care products, that are really effective, a delight to use and affordable for everyone as an everyday treat.”

So, I have to just say this… That mask is freaking hilarious.  I looked like a beauty monster. Any way, the directions said to place the mask on your face and relax.  You should follow those directions because I was trying to do stuff and the mask kept falling off until I sat down a laid my head back for like 10 minutes.  My face looked a shade or so lighter so I would say it removed dirt but as I stated previously, I was moving around too much so my results or shitty, lol.

I bought the refining mask with fruit enzymes.  There are a host you can choose from but you’ll have to physically go to Target.  They don’t have the entire selection online neither did Que Bella list it on their site…WTH? Any who, check out a few here!



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