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So…I heard a little chat about it but really didn’t do any research until last night.  If you haven’t heard, the Sonia Kashuk brand has expanded and now includes bath and body products.

About SK (which is what I call her since we’re such great friends….)

“Makeup artist extraordinaire Sonia Kashuk is dedicated to help every woman be her most beautiful self. She has created this line of high quality cosmetics and accessories — good enough to be in her own makeup case — at outstanding prices.”

So… the bath and body products include shower gel, body wash, body polish, spa brush, exfoliating mitten, shower cap, loofah, body oil and perfume in three yummy scents: Purple Seductia, Pink Innocencia & Yellow Alluriana.

A little about the scents…

Purple Seductia is a bold, sexy and uninhibited fragrance, where effervescent pomegranate fuses with rose delicacy and earthy patchouli. For the daring, confident and passionate woman who exudes sensuality and who loves to sparkle.

Pink Innocencia is a dance of captivating tuberose, dewy magnolia and dreamy amber creates this delicate, innocent and rosy, almost girly mist. A quiet, yet irresistibly attractive floral scent for the graceful, cheerful and ultra-feminine.

Yellow Alluriana is a burst of refreshing citrus notes and crisp verbena plays to the sensuality of musk, for the happiest, most vibrant and uplifting fragrance. A delight for the lively, bubbly and free-spirited.

Of course, it’s affordable.  The most expensive items are the complete set at $19.99.  I don’t know about you guys but this looks like a great Christmas gift for someone.  Shop here!



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