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So, the timing for this post is just perfect.  Before I got an invite to post my “truths” on Facebook, I already had it outlined for this post…here goes!
1.     I had aspirations of being a crazy cat lady, maybe one day.
2.     I don’t like my food touching.  For example, if my chicken touches my pasta,
I may not eat the parts that touched! #judgeme
3.      I am a very very picky eater!!!
4.      I’m actually introverted.  I’m still uncomfortable in most social environments.
5.      I hate mornings, specifically, mornings when I have to come to work and people
talk to me…lol.
6.     I’m not particularly fond of my current location and miss New Orleans daily.
7.      I’ve been in school all of my life.  I’ve literally been in school since 4!!!
8.      I love coffee, drink it every day, 1 to 3 cups a day!
9.     I value my iPhone and iPad more than most relationships I have.
10.   I enjoy recreational reading.  I’m currently reading “How to Win Friends & Influence People,” published in 1936 by Dale Carnegie.
11. I don’t get much sleep.  I usually do homework when I leave work into the wee hours.
12. I prefer walking over running and gyms.  It also allows me to get a lot of thinking in.
13. I listen to music alllll day.  Currently, my favorite singer and girl crush is Lana Del Rey.
14. My favorite show is American Horror Story!
Yea, so…I think this everything I come up with that you guys don’t already know.  What are your “truths?”
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