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OMG, let’s see if I can get this title correct: Champneys Spa Indulgence, Distant Shores Body Butter with passion fruit and mango extracts…whew!

Any who, Sunday, I went to Target to pick up more Tree Hut and I started smelling around and decided to give Champneys body butter a try.

Let’s rewind a bit and talk a little about Champneys…  Champneys were pioneers of the concept of holistic wellbeing, the first UK health spa chain and the first purpose-built health resort, all located in the English counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Hampshire.

Our pioneering spirit continues with state of the art facilities, cutting-edge medicine and sports science, and the newest and most exotic treatments from around the world.

Our distinct brand of Englishness is also growing in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North America.


Fast forward to the REVIEW!  Just the smell made me drop Tree Hut and buy this instead, sorry, lol.  Any who, the butter was a bit thin but it lathered on quite well.  Although thin, my skin stays moisturized throughout the entire day (this is my 3rd day using it).  And…did I mention…it smells like heaven? Lol.

I bought this from Target for $12.99 + tax but its’ a dollar cheaper online.  If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find it at other stores but it’s not much cheaper, lol.

They also have body scrubs and bubbles!  I may swing back and get those.  For more info, visit Target!

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