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Money Saving Mom

I am world-renowned for my holiday shopping skills.  By world-renowned I mean my family is typically very very pleased with the gifts I choose, lol.

If this post is common sense for some of you guys, read tomorrow’s posts! Lol.

Step 1: Make a list and check it twice.  Unless there is a raise in my future, I’m only shopping for family, lol.

Step 2: Create a budget!  I have a max amount for each individual on my list.  I’m not going to reveal that amount because I don’t want people thinking I buy cheap gifts, lol.

Step 3: ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS!  I know the holidays are not about receiving gifts but I honestly don’t want gifts I didn’t ask for nor do I want people to attempt to figure me out and spontaneously buy something for me.**t.  But hey, that’s just me.  If gift requests fit within my budget, I’ll get them what they requested!

Step 4: Check Amazon FIRST!  Honestly, what’s not on Amazon?!  I would recommend eBay but I do not have the patience for bidding and watching and alerts and bidding!

Step 5: Have you ever thought about teaming up?  For example, I have a godson with two little sisters.  That can be pricey so me and my mom throw our coins together and get them a gift.  We also do this for my grandmother 🙂

Step 6: Consider Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  Although I’m not sure if I’ll participate in either this year (I’m already tired even though both are weeks away) but there is no denying the deals you’ll receive.  As a result of both, I’m usually done with holiday shopping by Cyber Monday.

Note: Some people wrap up their Thanksgiving early to stand in line but I usually go 1 hour before malls open and manage to always get everything on my list.  Once in, that’s when I go turbo, I’m even willing to push old ladies down! Just kidding…sure I am 🙂

Good luck, may the force be with you this holiday season!



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