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Looks like I’ve really been concerned with our male counterparts lately…(not really), lol.  So, I suppose you can say I’m more observant of men then I need to be because there are just some things that bother me.  Like very basic things, lol.  Any who, I’ve composed a list of items you should get for your guys to help them not look like street bums (you’re welcome).
  1. Nail kit.  Typically, men’s nails are dirty, long and or uneven.  Either you take care of that problem or by the brother a kit.
  2. Face wash, moisturizer and even masks!  He washes his face with regular soap and water and wonder why it’s so dry or he just loves using your products!  Remember this post? Keep Your Paws off My S**t: Men that Use Our Products!
  3. Shampoo and conditioner! Ugh, those very dry dry locks and flakes.  You know he doesn’t know what to buy!
  4. Soap and body butter.  Look, I’m 28 and I like a certain glow so I would recommend organic soaps and body butters.  Who wants to waste 5 minutes putting on crappy lotion to be ashy 2 seconds later…
  5. Raiser blade, clippers and the associated creams.  To prevent from waiting until he looks like a wolf, keep him in stock.
  6. Cologne.  Please warn your guy that two sprays is all that is needed.  I HATE guys who wear too much!!!

I know this may be a lot and you may or may not care that much (lol) but try purchasing these items in increments.  If you’re smart, you’ll save this list until Christmas and throw all these items into a cute basket.  Sometimes you can find these kits at department stores, Walmart and Target.

Eventually, there will be a part two to this post.  While I’ve listed what he needs, I’m going to research some brands!

Good luck ladies!!!

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