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Sometime last week I was watching a vlogger’s video about hair growth and she just kept saying she owed it to Mixed Chick’s Deep Conditioner.  Watching the video was perfect timing because I was actually running out of my deep conditioner and wouldn’t have bought anything different if I didn’t see that vid.

Fast forward to this weekend, I passed by Target and picked some up.


Eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance to your hair with Mixed Chicks conditioner. Perfect for curly and coarse hair types, the cream is suitable for daily use. It reconstructs damaged areas and rehydrates the hair cuticle. This deep conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft to transform dry, frizzy, tangled hair into manageable, luscious locks.

  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Hair Type: Kinky, Frizzy, Coarse
  • Used For: Conditioning, Smoothing
  • Recommended Use: Daily
  • Product Form: Cream
  • Capacity (volume): 8.0 Oz.
  • Includes: Conditioner

Source: Target

My hair has been acting an ass lately so I was happy to try it.  I mean it’s cheaper than visiting a hair stylist, right?


First off, I like the smell of this stuff.  This conditioner just glided on and made my hair super easy to finger detangle.  I left it on while in the shower and rinsed it with cool water.  My hair felt really moisturized after.  I felt like it instantly boosted my little curls and is quite compatible with the other stuff I use.

Overall, I’m excited to see if my hair will transform as a result of using this.  So, that means I would recommend it!  However, shop around.  I believe I paid too much at Target 😦


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