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Men Accessorizing???

Meow Leslie, oops, I meant Ryan Leslie! LOL

Accessorizing is my favorite part of dressing up.  I can feel blah about my day or a particular outfit but when I add a statement necklace, hat or purse, it turns my day around (shallow much?) Lol. Any who, it got me thinking about men and why they don’t accessorize enough.

Please note: I’m talking about my current environment.  While New Orleans is a bit more fashion forward and trendy, men here are all tough and rugged.  Too much accessorizing may bring about whispering here but that’s a whole different story…

So how can manly men accessorize?

  1. Sun Shades & Cool Frames. It’s sunny out, you wear glasses because your a blind bat or you just like the frames…whatever the case, buy some!  This totally alters your look.
  2. Hats! This is another thing to turn you from blah to MEOW! Also, by hats I mean fedoras and driving caps.  I’m totally over baseball and knit caps.  Grow up!
  3. Scarfs.  It’s fall and getting a little chilly.  Might as well warm up but look fashionable at the same time 🙂
  4. Bracelets, Watches, Necklaces & Rings. Guys, this is not a bling bling situation…mostly because this is a broke blogger talking to you, lol.  Any who, it doesn’t have to be gold, silver or diamonds to look good (you shallow pricks).
  5. Ties & Bow Ties. *insert Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”*
  6. Belts & Suspenders. Guys, can we get out of that dark brown/black option?!  Add a little color, a little pop!
  7. Backpacks? I actually wish I had a backpack…too many books for this little studded tote but I digress.  Backpacks are a cool alternative to brief cases and such.  Plus, its better for your shoulders (you’re welcome)!

So, if you haven’t noticed, I listed everything but didn’t provide you with stores…  This is because I have favorite stores and I’m confident they can help with the above!  They include but are not limited to Urban Oufittters, Target, JCPenny, Forever 21 (21 Men), Aldo, TOPMAN & Zara.


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