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Pink Heart (Atlanta)

Boutique Freak

So, I guess we can consider this as an overdue post.  Pink Heart was one of the last stores I shopped during my birthday trip to Atlanta.

Located at one of my favorite shopping areas: Atlantic Station, Pink Heart is known for it’s large variety of  affordable accessories. Key word: affordable

Mission: When we came to Atlanta, we were absolutely shocked at the prices that boutiques were charging! From that moment, we made it a mission to bring reality into the world of boutiques. We want you to find a whole outfit (same brands as those other stores…trust us!) under $100.00 while enjoying a comfortable and fun shopping experience.

When they say affordable, they aren’t kidding.  I saw some above the knee/thigh boots for 50 something bucks!!! Yes, you read right but they didn’t have any in my size left 😦  As an alternative, I opted for a blue wide brim fedora (which I plan on showing you in my upcoming wardrobe post).

Oh, and this store is not all about accessories, Pink Heart does sale apparel!

And…something funky is going on with their web page so we’re just going to mossy over to their Facebook page.

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