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For you guys who are located in New York, LA (maybe Chicago and Atlanta), it seems like business attire is a little more lenient.  Any who, let’s call this a bitching post because I’m going to list things I would like (and do wear) that’s unprofessional…
  1. Camouflage.  I would think it conveys the message of being ready to work…
  2. Statement necklaces (which I always wear).  Turns out I need more than coffee to give me a fix so I put on big statement necklaces to make myself feel better.  And no, this does not make any logical sense…work with me here, lol.
  3. Fedoras. I feel like I’m cool but I’m super duper extra cool with one on.  I do sneak them in on Fridays *insert bee gees stayin alive*
  4. Just a little leg… I think slightly above the knee is not a problem.
  5. A little dash of color (lips, nails and or eyes).  So professional attire consist of those typical dark colored clothes so I think it’s no problem adding a little sass (via makeup); however, pick one location.  For example, bright pink nails means nude makeup.

Well, I’m not sure who’s grandma created these rules and why they have to be so strict but I want to live a little and so should you!  By live a little, I mean wear this stuff at home because I don’t want you to get fired…lol.

Side note: This list is not done, I’m just getting started (evil grin).


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