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*That awkward moment when you planned to post about eyelash primer before you read an article about mercury in mascara…*  Let’s hope there are little to no containments in this product…

Anyway, I was at MAC buying a new red lip and eye shadow so I figured I should go ahead and get primer ( I ran out of my Tart and didn’t feel like going to Ulta, lol).

Description: Pump up your mascara with an undercoat. Goes on white, dries to a semi-clear
base. Smoothes and conditions. Intensifies the build and lengthening quality of
all formulas. Helps mascara last longer.

So…it’s MAC so there is no surprise I like this.  Typically, when I apply mascara, I have to do two coats (curling and brushing up the lash).  With this primer, I add just a little primer, one coat of mascara and I’m done!

Prep and prime retails for 16 bucks and is available at….MAC (duh), shop here! Lol.



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