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While people focus on renewing themselves every New Year, I prefer to
do that for my birthday.  I like to reflect on the last year and see where I can make improvements.  I’m hoping this post can encourage someone and serve as free therapy for myself 🙂

And, if you didn’t catch on to the theme…I made 28 which is why I’ve
made 28 suggestions, lol.

1.      Stop being a critic…to myself
2.      Learn to forgive myself
3.      Be more sociable, even though I hate people J
4.      Eat healthy
5.      Exercise more and consistently
6.      Buy more flowers
7.      Sleep more
8.      Travel
9.      Less TV
10.  More recreational reading
11.  Drink more water
12.  Remember to take vitamins :/
13.  Try not to hate my job so much, I’m sure I can
gain some type of valuable lesson from it (which is how I trick myself into
going back every day)…lol
14.  Try something new every month
15.  Eat something new every month (says the picky
16.  Reduce the amount of responsibilities I have…
17.  Give my Dad’s new girlfriend a chance…NOT!
18.  Delete my coffee budget.  I mean…I have coffee at home and it takes one
second to make some
19.  Make new friends!
20.  Forgive and forget the fake friends!!!
21.  Manage my time better
22.  Study more
23.  Party more (oxymoron?  Nope, I actually never go out, just school
and work)!
25.  Add more words to my morning vocabulary… I
usually grunt until 10 AM (NOT A MORNING PERSON)!
26.  Drink less booze… While my New Orleans
upbringing supports social drinking, I would like to keep my kidneys
27.  Stop thinking so much!!!
28.  Wear flats more often! 
There you have it, that’s my list!
I thought it would be better to list this because if I were to give you
the back story on each, you would probably be reading for a few hours, lol.
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