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Rene Rene

In addition to this past weekend, I was in Atlanta in May.  In the post Little Five Points I talked about all the stores I visited.  I didn’t talk about Rene Rene (although I thought I did…it must have been with those group of stores that were closed that day), nonetheless, I’m going to talk about it now 🙂

The Modern Day Flapper

About: “Rene Sanning is the owner and designer of Rene Rene, an integral piece of the Little Five Points’ boutique culture since 1987! All of her designs are inspired by 1940’s and 50’s old movies, with a twist- a little more modern here and there. The clothing has always been produced her studio in Atlanta!”  For more, read here!

I have to tell you, I love the era of her designs and love the store’s environment even more.  There was actually a ton of people in the store but that didn’t stop them for chatting with me.  Side note: I had on that blazer with the leather bottom I told yall about and they loved it 🙂

The clothes were quite affordable but because I was trying to catch all of the stores before they closed I just briefly went through the racks.  I did have time to purchase leopard print cat eye sunglasses that were on sale for 15 bucks!  One of the saleswomen even told me that the glasses made me look very Marilyn Monroe (she was reaching but I still appreciated the compliment, lol).

Rene Rene

For more, check out Rene Rene!



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