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Sigh…  Along with the appliques, I bought a bottle of Formula X For Sephora Xplosives Top Coat in cobalt confetti (pictured).  So, let me try a compliment sandwich…

Formula X has a TON of colors, like a never ending flow of colors.  So, there’s the New Classics, Xplosives Top Coats, New Neutrals, Shifters, Lusters, Transformers, Brilliants, Electrics, Celestials, Sparklers, Translucents, Chromes, Superwatts, Holograms, Holiday, and top and base coats.

Any who, the sales woman walks by and shows me a paper comparing Marc Jacobs nail polish (which was almost sheer), the OPI polish which looked a little better and the mighty Formula X which was the darkest.

On Sunday, I polished my nails and quite honestly, this top coat was almost enough on its own but I added one coat of blue nail polish anyway…  By Tuesday, I saw some of the sheer coat chip and that’s just too damn quick.  If $1 nail polish can last, this $12.50 nail polish should last but I digress.  I suppose there can be some factors I could come up with but…I won’t, lol.

Don’t take my word for it… Try it out or read other reviews, here!



  1. That blows, I was going snag a bottle this weekend but nay on that now 😦 I am going to take your word for it. I like my drugstore polishes, my most expensive bottle was $14 on sale and I rarely ever use it. It is way too sheer and I don’t believe I should have to use half the bottle on one mani!! Rubbish!

    • Yea, it would be tough for me to recommend this and def not for that price! Maybe they’ll improve with time…
      I used really good base and top coats so I have no excuses for them.

      • Lol, I don’t mean to laugh but your bluntness tickles me! Once again, I appreciate it. I would have been furious to get home, create a mani and next day it’s gone. Hello-to-the-no!

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