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Yep, so I am ready for a wardrobe change.  Recently, I’ve been inspired by Janelle Monae, men’s wear, classics and adult life.

I actually would like to go a little dark and basic and leave the color up to my nails and accessories.

In my professional life, I would like to add more pants, blazers, pencil skirts and structure.

When dressing down, I would like more t-shirts (with bad words and what not, lol), skinny jeans and spikes!

I need more heels too but I’m more than good on purses, lol.

Last but not least, I need some head gear.  I want like 5 fedoras, a cat ear head band and whatever odd stuff I can find.

This wardrobe change will occur over the next few months.  I will probably pull from all of my favorite stores: ZARA, Topshop, GAP, Old Navy, Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters.  However, I plan to start my search at local thrift stores: Orange Peel & Fondren Muse.

So, I bet you guys are wondering where all my old clothes are going…  I’ve sold a bit to consignment stores, donated some to charity and am begrudgingly giving some to my younger cousin (yes, I’m talking to you Chariece).

I may document this process, stay tuned!



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