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Gather around boys and girls…we need to talk!

It’s officially fall *insert fireworks* but where I’m currently located, it’s still summer, lol.

So, one of my biggest pet peeves are individuals who can’t wait to pull out their fall and winter clothes but…it’s not even cold yet!!!  How are you wearing knee boots and a tank top?  These things aren’t working for me so I’m going to walk you through the transitioning process.

  1. Wearing white.  Wearing white after Labor Day is still a bit controversial.  Personally, I put up my white dresses, sandals and purses…  However, there is a such thing called winter white and even off white (or cream).
  2. Boots.  It is just too damn hot for knee boots.  I love them too but do you want to be fashionable and faint.  No one will pay attention to your above knee boots when your spread out on the ground, lol.  This is when booties, peep-toe booties and calf high boots come in.  I actually wear boots year around but I keep them short!
  3. Put down the leather jacket!  If you want your leather fix, try clothing with trims of leather.  Just yesterday, I wore a blazer with a leather bottom. I bought it from JCPenny for 30 something bucks and change.
  4. Keep those sweaters and scarfs light.  Hey, it’s going to get a little chilly so pick something light and airy.
  5. Add a little color…  Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean I won’t wear my neon purse.  I think it would go great with all black or grey.  What do you think?

So there you have it!  As I stated, this list is for the people who can’t wait to bring out their heavy gear (meanwhile, it’s 122 degrees outside), lol.

Photo: JCPenny Faux-Leather Trim Jacket



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