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Did You Know? Ulta’s Salon Services

Although Ulta ranks as #1 in my list of favorite makeup stores, I almost always have a specific list of things I need and never spend longer than 10 minutes there (although I was aware of their hair and nail services).  While checking out, the salesperson mentioned the many other services they offer!

Hair services include but are not limited to cut and style, deep conditioning, color and hair extensions.  Nail services include gel coats which may work for some of you but not me (I like polishing my nails at least once a week).

Now, to my favorite part, skin treatments!  Ulta offers a host of facials and targeted treatments.  The most expensive is 80 bucks but they also offer $20 treatments:  “Bothersome breakout? Tired eyes? Dull skin? Try one of six 20 minute quick skin fixes that gets you in, gets skin repaired and gets you out the door in a snap.”

Last but not least is their waxing services which includes brows, lips and chin.

Depending on your location, I actually think these prices are cheaper than some salon and spas.  I’m excited to try them out (especially that $20/20 minute treatment)!

In typical Ulta fashion, their are always sales and coupons.  Currently, 25% off all Redken color services, $10% off Redken deep conditioning and 50% off the targeted skin treatment!

Visit Ulta, here (but don’t forget to contact your local Ulta to ensure the same prices and discounts apply).



  1. I love that you can go to Ulta, get your hair and nails did and leave with products. I do not like, however, going in when the entire store smells like perm! Eck!

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