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Deborah Lippmann’s Lipstick & Jewel Heist

So last week I visited Sephora and demanded a response as to when Deborah Lippmann’s nail polish would be in their store.  Well actually, I simply asked, lol.  Although I admire the wonderful world of online shopping, I prefer the kid and the candy store feeling I get when surrounded by nail polishes and other cosmetics.Any who, if you read my post in June (Nail Salon Fail) you know I’m not checking for a nail salon anytime soon so I decided to see what my “best friend in my head” Deborah Lipmann had going on.  While browsing I noticed “lip color.”  Don’t know how this one passed me up but here goes!











Lippmann’s lipsticks includes 6 bronzed, berry, nude and muted pink lip colors which are described as “longwearing, buildable and mosturizing.”  They’re perfect for fall and retail for $22 each.  You can find them at Deborah Lippmann, Sephora, HSN (and probably a bunch of other places not listed, lol).

My birthday is October 12th so let me know if you need my address so you can ship all 6 of these babies to me.

Any who, this goes right into the reason why I wanted her polish so bad.  I wanted to check out her new collection: Jewel Heist. I love these colors and their giant glittery flakes but which one?!  All of them?! Yea, I should buy them all! Lol.  Shop Jewel Heist, here!


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