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Sarah Aghili

Saw this bracelet in the current issue of Glamour and I thought to myself “this is really cute….” But, then I saw the price and said…I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT IT.  Here goes!

About Sarah Aghili:

“Unsatisfied with the overpriced generic options available to young girls, Sarah begin making her own jewelry at an early age.  Sarah is inspired by love of art, culture, travels, and music, all of which are reflected in her designs.  Aghili refines each collection with influence and inspiration from travel.”

So what doesn’t have?!  The answer is nothing, lol.  Her store has jewelry, eyewear, accessories, apparel, beauty products and men’s clothing!

Since I’m always focused on the ladies, I’ll pick out my favorite pieces for men:

I love this scarf, It’s trendy and can be worn year around!  Camo Scarf $18.50

Go big or go home, right?! Retro Stripe Suspenders $32.00

Let’s add a little bad ass to the mix… Eddy Biker Jacket $146











You can also SHOP SARAH AGHILI FOR A CAUSE.  The causes closet includes products that generate social awareness and raise funds for global issues!

Happy Hunting!


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