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While in Ulta, a display with bright colors pulled me from across the store.  The display was filled with Jane Cosmetics.  I thought I posted about them before but didn’t see anything when I did a search so here goes…

“The beloved brand is back … and better than ever with the highest quality formulas (at affordable prices), an array of beautiful shades and finishes and a renewed emphasis on making the world a better place. The packaging has been updated with fun, vibrant lomographic imagery, featuring unique lighting effects, vignette framing and richly saturated colors. Adorned on the packaging are the faces of the “Friends of Jane”; real, culturally diverse women who are giving back to their communities and changing the word in impactful ways. By placing them on the packaging, Jane is giving visibility to each of these remarkable women’s stories and the charitable organizations which they support.”

Jane’s cosmetics includes BB Cream, concealer, bronzers, eyeshadow, liners, lip gloss and brushes.  The most expensive is their set of brushes for 20 bucks!

Shop at jane. or Ulta!


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