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Brand FYI: Pixi

So, this is another one of those situations when I stop to look at a product and wonder if I ever posted about it before… *checks posts, doesn’t see it*  Any who, I was at target looking for stuff to buy that I didn’t need… Read More

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Yep, so I am ready for a wardrobe change.  Recently, I’ve been inspired by Janelle Monae, men’s wear, classics and adult life. I actually would like to go a little dark and basic and leave the color up to my nails and accessories. In my… Read More

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Gather around boys and girls…we need to talk! It’s officially fall *insert fireworks* but where I’m currently located, it’s still summer, lol. So, one of my biggest pet peeves are individuals who can’t wait to pull out their fall and winter clothes but…it’s not even cold… Read More