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So, how can I write this post without sounding insensitive, shallow and or rude???
Let’s try this, my little bro has many interests but his appearance is not one of them.  For the last week, he’s looked like he’s rolled out of a dumpster so I had a little chat with my mother, she gave me permission to use her J.C. Penny card (with a budget of 300 bucks) and we were on our way.  After yesterday’s trip, here’s my advice:
  1. Go for the basics, you’ll never go wrong!  We bough a few v neck t-shirts (which are technically trendy but nothing that would overwhelm him).
  2. Everyone loves jeans! All of his jeans reminded me of mom jeans so he tried on a few slim and straight leg jeans (he instantly went from hmmm…to MEOW)!
  3. Incorporate their personality.  Although I was aiming for a more grown-up look (he’s 22), I did allow him to get the Family Guy and dinosaur shirts :/
  4. Keep the trip short! Part of the reason he was reluctant to shop with me was because he thought I would have him there all night, however, we were only there for an hour!
  5. Stroke his ego… I told him how great he looked as he tried different things on and as he walked out of the door this morning.  Maybe if he feels confident, we won’t have these wardrobe issues anymore 🙂
7 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 16 pairs of socks and a belt totaled to $170 something and some change (way below our budget)!  Our next quest are shoes!

Side note: In the event you’ve been MIA, J.C.Penny has a lot of great clothing (and they’re almost always likely to have a sale)!

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