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For Curlies: Midlife Natural Hair Crisis

Or something like that…  So, remember when I posted Product Review: Mizani’s True Textures Moisture Stretch?  Then, I thought I was done and had found my perfect hair formula for minimum shrinkage (I mean, it is healthier than blowing it out every weekend).  However, I begun to notice that my hair was dry and shedding more than usual…  Turns out, Mizani is very very drying.  In their defense, it’s probably why they offer a selection of products (including mositurizer).  In addition, I’m not sure if their product is for everyday use.  I like fresh curls so I usually twist or roll them every night.Which brings me to the list of products I bought (just last week).

I was low on moisturizer and decided to buy another so I choose ORS’ Coconut Oil (you can never go wrong with coconut oil). I bought mines from Walgreens for 5 bucks and some change but you should be able to get this product from almost anywhere!

Because I needed some hold (since I’m laying off Mizani), I choose Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding.  While it does assist with manageability it too has a drying effect…  Don’t know if I will use it again.

Next is Dark & Lovely’s Au Naturale anti-shrinkage Curl Defining Creme Glaze.  I thought I did a Product FYI on it but I can’t find it :/  Any who, I did as instructed and used on wet hair.  I usually use product on dry hair but eh… It defined my curls and reduced shrinkage (please note that reduce is the key word).  However, I still recommend it.  It’s fairly cheap (10 bucks) considering it’s a good product.

Last but not least is their 10-in-1 Styles Gelee.  I haven’t tried this yet so I’ll just put their description below:

“Our 10-In-1 Styles Gelée offers multiple styling options with crunchless firm hold in just one jar: two-strand twists, faux hawks, flat twists, coils, bantu knots, cornrows, twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knot-outs, and coil-outs. Only a small amount is needed to achieve a frizz-controlled, elongated, defined look that lasts.”

So, hopefully I’m out of this phase.  I can’t afford to keep trying new hair products, lol.


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