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Pink Gumbeaux Announcements!

I just ordered this collection yesterday and it should be arriving around Friday or Monday.  You should be able to purchase it on Tuesday.  Each retails for $7 each!  Visit Pink Gumbeaux’s Online Nail Polish Boutique!

I’m on social media!  Guys, you know you’re my only friends *insert violins here” so, I need you to like, pin and follow me!

Most recently, I joined Vine (user name: Pink Gumbeaux) & Polyvore (user name: pinkgumbeaux)

I know everyone has their blog platform preferences but get to know my other blogs!

Pink Gumbeaux (at Blogger) is my oldest and most popular blog  54,000 views +.  At Blogger, I publish videos and articles from popular bloggers, magazines and vloggers.  In addition, I publish original posts.  From Blogger, you have access to all of my other blogs, social media, advertisement and you can SHOP Pink Gumbeaux!

Pink Gumbeaux (Tumblr) includes original posts and reblogged pictures: fashion, art, food, etc.

Pink Gumbeaux (at WordPress) contains original posts and is quickly becoming another popular blog.  There, I have the most followers and receive a lot of feedback!

Last but not least, I have disabled my “Street Style” page,  I haven’t been in the “streets” too much and will republish it once its been updated.


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