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Karamel & Brown LONDON

“Karamel and Brown brings an innovative dimension to the beauty industry, through introducing a brand new concept aimed at brown skin tones. The revolutionary Glow range enhances the natural beauty of Asian, Black and Mixed Heritage complexions, giving the skin a nourishing, hydrating and long lasting glow.”

“Founded by Cheryl Effiom four years ago, “Being of Afro-Caribbean decent, I had always longed for a warm glow to my skin, that I could keep all year round, rather just post-holiday. I searched desperately for a product that would give me this, but I failed time after time to find anything that worked for my complexion. As a result, I set out to develop a product that complemented not only my own brown skin tone, but a product that worked for all females, of all skin tones.” Karamel and Brown’s products are manufactured following strict international and national guidelines to produce the products to the very highest quality. The products also include organic ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, sourced in the UK.”

There are a few products to choose from (I’m going to list them because you guys may kill me if I post pictures of each one, lol).

Karamel and Brown Glow Mitt Applicator  

Karamel and Brown’s Glow Mitt Applicator has been specifically designed to help apply your glow lotions effortlessly without staining your hands.

Karamel and Brown Try Size Express Glow Legs

This fast drying, quick acting, scrumptious sumptuous lotion is ideal for covering those annoying razor scars, uneven skin tones and any visible stretch marks, within just 60 minutes. With your glow developing in just 60 minutes flat, it is the ideal go-to product for last those last minute invites

Karamel and Brown Try Size Glow Face Crème

As a hydrating, luxurious moisturising face crème, our non-greasy glow solves a myriad of problems while enhancing the luminosity of your sparkling eyes, defining your cheekbones and bringing out the best of your skin.

Karamel and Brown Try Size Glow Body Mousse

Easily absorbed, the Glow Body Mousse is a favourite with those looking to minimize the effects of stretch marks and scars. As it is absorbed into the skin, it creates a flawless finish that evens imperfections to give the impression of a radiant even skin tone all over.

Besides their INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICES, they offer travel sizes:

“Want to try Karamel & Brown , but not ready to buy a full-size bottle? For a limited time, we are offering this handy try size, which is great for travelling when space is limited and you still want to maintain your healthy glow. This bottle will give you one full half body application.”

Yep, I know you’re excited to try this and so am I!  Shop, here!


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