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Yep, it’s that type of situation.  Any who, I know this post is a little late for the kiddies but that’s OK because it’s targeted towards college students and people who work for a living.  Any who, there’s nothing like wrapping up your summer vacations with emerging as a badass (a professional badass). These are a couple of things to get you started:
Everything from Knock Knock! Knock Knock was founded in 2002 by Jen Bilik with the mission of creating witty, design-driven gift products and books, along with anything else that might strike the Knock Knock fancy.
What don’t I like from Knock Knock?  I have a ton of stickies, folders and a journal with clever remarks.
My Favs:
So the next question should be: “How am I going to carry all this crap?”  No worries, I made a list of those too!


Well there you have it.  This should get you guys started on your badass way.  Tune in for Part 2!

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