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The Vow of Lighter Purses, An Editorial

All summer, there were a lot of bags I passed over because they were too small.  98% of my bags are large enough for my whole makeup and nail polish collections, my Beetle and a small bathroom.  The 2 small bags I do have are for outings and errands.  But, after spotting the cutest neon pink purse I thought to myself that “its time to snap out of it” and evaluate why I have large purses and why I need to carry everything I own?!This conversation was later brought up when my mom wanted me to buy her another purse because hers is tore up.  Why?  Because she carries too much crap in it!  After a little thought, I decided to compose a brief list of reasons why we (yes, you too) need to carry a lighter load.

  1. If you minimize the amount of crap you tot around, you’ll prolong the life of your beloved bags.
  2. Heavy handbags may result in back and shoulder injuries.  Don’t believe me?  Read here!
  3. Heavy handbags could send a message to criminals.  “Hi criminal, my name is Ashlee.  I have a bunch of crap that will assist you in your financial difficulties while ruining my credit.  You’re welcome.”

So, I want you ladies (and gents) to take a vow with me, let’s carry lighter bags!


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