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Nail Taxi

First, I would like to thank Jessica for telling me about this!  I really wish I knew about this when I visited Atlanta and Chicago a couple of months ago but I digress, lol.

What’s Nail Taxi?

“Nail Taxi is the country’s premier mobile nail boutique. They provide professional nail care for clients in their homes, offices, hospital rooms, hotels, corporate events – wherever the client desires.”

Services include manicures, pedicures, minx, acrylics and more!

These are not your typical nail services, for example, the Peppermint Pleasure Manicure $65 and or Pedicure $85- “You will enjoy this invigorating and revitalizing treatment. You will feel uplifted as the essence of peppermint awakens your senses and refreshes your spirit.”

Of course, the prices are going to be a tad bit higher than your typical nail services because they are coming to you!  For the list of cities the Nail Taxi is available, click here!  Learn more about Nail Taxi, here!

Side note: How much do you think they would charge me to come here? This would be a cool idea for my birthday (October 12).

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