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The Face Brush Alternative’s Alternative: Sephora’s Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush

Let’s start this post off with a R.I.P to my Olay Face Brush that died Saturday.  For 20 or so bucks, I think I got my money worth.  Due to my oily skin and the occasional breakout, I know I needed a new face brush and there was nothing like the present to upgrade to a…CLARISONIC!  Why?  Because, I’m grown!

If you didn’t know, Clarisonics retail between $114-$199 which is ridiclous but supposedly it’s blessed with unicorn tears which make it great for your skin.  But…while chatting with the sales associate, she informed that you couldn’t use exfoliater or face beads.  WTH?  That big, strong and expensive brush can’t take exfoliator or beads?! Apparently, it jams the engine which results in a broken brush and me NOT purchasing it!

But, in the corner of my eye I spotted a little brush, Sephora’s Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush to be exact.  The sales associate didnt know anything about it but it has a lot of great reviews and retails for $18!  Is this the cheapest face brush of all time? Lol.

What it does?

“This brush’s ultra-soft brush head gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Its other side features a silicone pad with tiny bristles to deeply cleanse pores while invigorating the skin. Use daily to reveal glowing, radiant skin.”

We’ll see how this goes…  The sales associate told me I could take it back if it didn’t work for me so this is a win win situation.  Shop, here!

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