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Product Review: Big Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray

A couple of weeks ago, I received a sample of Big Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray in my monthly Ipsy subscription.  At first, I didn’t want to try it.  I’m an African American with natural hair and part of the natural hair charm (in my opinion) is it’s frizziness.  Helps me achieve big hair.


“Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray is a high-performance humidity resistant spray that contains polymers that, when sprayed on hair, create a shield of protection against humidity. It is perfect for keeping blowouts, updo’s and curls from collapsing due to climate conditions. This spray is the last step before walking out the door.”

How to Use:

“Apply to finished look to repel humidity, combat frizz and maintain your style.”



I’ve been using this spray everyday since I received it.  On day 1 it was raining and then hot and humid, however, my hair maintained it’s look all day!  Although I don’t mind frizziness, Mississippi’s terrible humidity makes my hair experience shrinkage.  For those who don’t know, shrinkage is something people with tight curls (or coils) experience.  Although my hair is past my shoulders, it shrinks to my ears :/ But, not with this product!

But…there is a con.  It’s not a big con but it’s a con… THIS SPRAY HAS THE WORST SMELL ON EARTH!  IT SMELLS LIKE A DUMPSTER FULL OF DIRTY PANTIES!

My recommendation… The smell only last about a minute so I say…BUY IT!  However, if you visit your local grocery, drug and makeup stores, this item retails between $14-$19!  WTF?! But, lucky for you I saw cheaper prices at Amazon.  You could probably find a sample size at Ulta.  I saw a few yesterday, I think they retailed for $6 or $8 bucks.

Happy Hunting!


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