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Product FYI: RGB & Jenna Hipp Nail Polishes

Jenna has both nail polish and hand collections with the most awesome colors!

She has also teamed with RGB to produce HIPPxRGB which retails for $18!  It’s safe to say that this nail polish is an accessory, lol.  In an article written by THE CUT, some of the colors (mostly nude) are considered “primer, foundation and blush for the nails.”  Shop their collection, here!










“RGB launched in 2009 with the RGB Ten collection : ten iconic colors with a modern edge.  Each shade was RGB’s sharp take on a classic with a straightforward name to match.  RGB curates color for you.  Staying true to the well-edited launch, RGB introduces new shades for every collection, and pulls from timeless archived colors of collections’ past to complete a new library of color each season.

RGB’s formula removes harmful carcinogens often found in nail color.  The chip-resistant and high shine Five Free Formula contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor.

RGB was created by founder Gina Carney.  With a background in fashion, a taste for minimalism, and devotion to green beauty, she brought all her passions together in creating RGB Nail Color & Care.”


Shop RGB’s collection, here!

If you haven’t noticed by now, there isn’t a link to purchase Jenna Hipp’s nail polish.  I don’t know if you have to be apart of some super secret sorority or travel to Hogwarts (that’s a Harry Potter reference)!  However, I did see that you can buy the collection from Costco and ebay.  I’ve seen a few pictures on the web and apparently it retailed for as little as $15 to as much as $32.

If anyone has walked across hot coal or swim across the Atlantic Ocean to purchase this polish, let me know!

Happy Hunting!

Originally posted on my home blog: Pink Gumbeaux (at Blogger).

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