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First, I want to say that most people can’t afford to be fashionistas.  Even if we could, would you want to follow every trend?

While I don’t consider myself a fashionista nor an expert, I think I put in more effort than the average person.  After years of experience, being broke and scouring fashion magazines, I’ve come up with this list…

1. Spend money on functional items.  I don’t mind spending $100 on shoes or a purse because it will likely serve as an item I can wear everywhere!  By everywhere I mean work, a party, a wedding, church, etc.  This also goes for dresses.  Yesterday, I wore a lace dress with the back cut out during happy hour with a friend (hey Vee!) but earlier, I had that same dress on with a belt and blazer at work!

2. Buy pieces that never go out of style!  This includes but is not limited to a black purse, pumps in black and or red, a black blazer, a white t-shirt and button down, a pair of skinny jeans, a little black dress, a pair of booties in black or brown, a wrap dress, a black belt (I prefer skinny belts), basic studs and hoops, a string of pearls (I have fake ones, lol), a statement necklace, a pencil skirt (preferably black), red lipstick, black eyeliner (for a fierce cat eye), a scarf (my go-to scarf is leopard and can be worn in summer and winter), pea coat, clutch, a leather jacket (or faux leather), fedora (one that transitions through summer and winter), and hair wrap or headband (I’m talking Gossip Girl)!

3. Nail polish can be an accessory too!  Of course I would throw this in.  Some days, I’m OK with not wearing jewelry and my makeup is a bit nude because I have an awesome manicure!  I typically get my polish from Pink Gumbeaux Nail Polish Boutique!  Shameless plug? Lol.

4.  Have one WOW dress that you can wear to special events.  Almost 3 years ago, I bought a sequence dress from Dillard’s Juniors Department.  It’s fitted and cut low in the back.  I’ve worn it to a wedding, New Years Eve party and other events.  All I do is change the purse, shoes, and sometimes add a belt and or blazer.

5. Try Vintage, Consignment & Thrift Stores.  These stores are a sure way to find items you wouldn’t find anywhere else… I found 2 dresses and a trench from Saks at an consignment store.  It didn’t cost me over 30 bucks for all 3 items!  Another advantage is bringing in your old items and making some extra cash!  You may earn $5.33 for 20 items but every penny counts 🙂

Well there you have it!  For a person who is into fashion but technically defined as “the working poor”, this is how I do it!  I don’t have a ton of shoes and not more than a handful of purses yet people constantly compliment me on my outfits (thats actually recycled and its very likely that I wore it a week or so prior, lol).

See anything I missed?  Let me know!

Originally posted on my home blog Pink Gumbeaux (at Blogger).


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