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Just a Few Blog Changes…

Mosey on over to my home blog, Pink Gumbeaux (at Blogger), I’ve made some changes!

First, I added my twitter timeline so you can view my tweets about nothing and even get in on all the fun, lol.

Secondly, I moved all blog related stuff to the top.  This is a blog first so I want to make sure you have easy access to top posts, the search bar and archive.

And, for the shoppers, I added a shopping tool (directly under the archive).  View almost 200,000 shoes, clothes and accessories from multiple stores!  Some are as cheap as 20 bucks while others are too expensive to mention, lol.



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Snarky, cynical and deadpan blog featuring personal stories, faux product reviews and bad advice from Ashlee, your resident stick-in-the mud.

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