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This past weekend, I read a blogger’s post on all the free stuff she gets from magazines.  So I thought…”I want free stuff!”  And, my readers want free stuff too!  What are freebies? “things given away for free.”  Now that you know what it is (in the event you didn’t before) lets get to the freebie tips!

FREEBIE TIP 1: You can get freebies through your favorite magazines via subscriptions, sweepstakes, but mostly free!
Allure is giving away amazing stuff every weekday in August! seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Lucky, ELLE, teen vogue, Marie Claire all have freebies through sweepstakes.
FREEBIE TIP 2:  Don’t sign up for everything!  You don’t want to get your inbox flooded with SPAM and you don’t want a cyber thief getting your personal info to steal your identity!  I suggest you sign up with the more popular and well-known brands.
FREEBIE TIP 3: You can get free stuff and coupons from your favorite brands.  Maybe you don’t want lipstick, you want tissue…lol.  Try sites like to get yourself started.


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