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Request for Manicures (RFM): Manibeaux Mondays

Some of you have heard of RFPs but how about RFMs? Cute huh? Anyway…your manicures (and pedicures) are needed for Manibeaux Mondays!

Manibeaux Mondays is every Monday and typically consist of manicures and nail art from my favorite nail artists, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest but I thought I should get you guys to submit something!

-Ensure your mani or pedi is post worthy. Please do not send me a picture of two week old nails with chips and faded designs, lol.
-Include your name and location.
-Email all pictures to

If you are a blogger or nail artist, include that on the email so I can give you a shot out! Also, this is not just for nail art. I love simple manicures too just be sure that your nails ARE polished!

Side note: I typically post about 5 pictures so if you don’t make it this Monday, don’t fret!


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