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Product FYI: Soap & Glory’s Sit Tight™ Intense XS Special Super-Strength Body Firming Serum

Saw this at Sephora and thought I would let you guys know!

Sit Tight is “a lower-body firming serum that battles the bulge while you sit.”

What it does?

“Formulated with an exclusive, patented, pressure-sensitive microsphere technology that releases more caffeine when you’re stuck sitting down, this is a must-have product for anyone with desk jobs or anyone who spends time balanced on their bottoms. This extra-strength body-firming serum contains a powerful blend of actives that include: the exclusive Firmigen™ caffeine complex; the oxygen-boosting Detoxyboost™ technology with ginseng; the super-concentrated Pressocapsular-Firm Plus™ system with microspheres of extended-release caffeine that activate when you sit on them; and Puffdrain 82™, a special combination of peptides that, in conjunction with massage, help to support the body’s natural circulation process, visually smooth bumpy areas, and reduce puffiness.”

It retails for 38 bucks.  Read reviews and shop Sit Tight, here!

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